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Project Coordination was founded in the ACT in 1975 and has since expanded with an office in Wollongong that services New South Wales. The Company's principal activities involve the construction and/or refurbishment of quality commercial, retail, institutional, health, residential and educational buildings for both the public and private sector.

Project Coordination is one of Australia's leading mid-tier Construction Companies completing over $2.0 billion dollars worth of projects since inception.

Project Coordination ACT

This Division specialises in the construction of building for both the public and private sector. Included in these works are many innovative and special purpose buildings that utilise best practice technologies and management systems. This division has the financial strength to handle projects valued at up to $50 million.

Project Coordination NSW

This Division operates out of Wollongong and undertakes all types of construction. This Division is one of a select number of elite builders that has received NSW 'Best Practice' accreditation.

The Company employs an in-house Services Engineer who handles various aspects of building engineering from design and construction, to comissioning and handover through to the completion of the defects liability period. This provides Project Coordination with the ability to bring added value to its clients by providing excellent value for money whilst bringing a post occupancy focus on building services, efficiency of operation and maintenance strategies.

Project Coordination's key objective is to remain one of the leading participants in the construction industry by continuously raising its own bar and setting new standards.